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The website domain redbeet.com was registered sometime around 1997 and 1998 (I don't know exactly), the domain expired, and then was re-registered by Kelly Martin, because wowee.ersys.edmonton.ab.ca, which ran on an Amiga 1000 in a wooden box, with a 20 Mb hard drive, Unix software and a Zyxel modem, was no longer bang path-able and thus taken offline. I first discovered the Internet in the 1980s, not all that long after it was called the Arpanet, and I was absolutely blown away with the massize size of it even back then, less than one-tenth of one percent of its size today... back then it was just a few million people. I found others through the Usenet community and the Fibo BBS network... BBS standards of bulletin board system, a staple among personal computers at the time. Most people couldn't have cared less about the Internet at that time, and yet I saw a glimpse of its potential. Those were the days when hacking was far too easy, mostly harmless and fun.

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Donate to a noble charity, instead. I do not want to be the victim of identity theft, so don't expect to find my current address listed here. Sorry. So instead I'll give you the address of a charity with a famous address in Ottawa, Canada: 56 Sparks Street

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Want my real address? Fhagghedaboutit. I value my privacy, thanks! E-mail me and let's start a dialogue first, thanks.

What is redbeet?

This is my retro website, a homepage that dates back to the day when the Web was still coded with text editors, well-worn keyboards, elbow grease and Unix servers... the guts all neatly hidden from sight thanks to hyperlinks.

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