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Kelly Martin is a father, husband, hiker, novelist, reader, writer, world traveler, unicyclist, a lefty, grain-fed, 100% organic, 80% beef, 10% chicken, 6% fat, 4% "other", a dog loving beach bum car enthusiast and explorer.

Certified 100% Organic

I'm the real Kelly Martin, the real one, the original and authentic, Certified 100% Organic, the first, the number one. Kelly is the King of all other Kelly Martin's everywhere in the world, male or female, living on or orbiting around the planet, visiting the moon, or anywhere in the cosmos across our solar system, including among those thoughts beamed out into cyberspace across the Milky Way and to new dimensions far, far away.

Yes, you have reached the official site.

Aliases and misspellings abound for Kelly Martin. He/she/it can be known by alternate spellings which might include, but not be limited to, Kelly Martian, that alien imposter and famous counterfeit, Kelly Martins and Kelly Martens, those plural gemini twins, Quel-y Martin, the French version, or Killee Martin, the way the French actually pronounce it, Kel ly Mar tin, found through typing abb reviat ions, and of course Martin Kelly, my reversed doppleganger who looks nothing at all like me. Of course there are also those who think of Kelly as a lady, instead of the rightful man, and while it's fine to think of ladies and Kelly himself thinks of them quite often, some of those ladies are actually named Kellie Martin, like the actress, as opposed to Kelly Martin, the male original 501. And then there are the fighter pilots, the billionaires, the late night talk show hosts, the rig workers, the astronauts, the musicians, the heavy-duty mechanics and more. Kelly Martin and his imposters everywhere to rule the world!

What is redbeet?

This is my retro website, a homepage that dates back to the day when the Web was still coded with text editors, well-worn keyboards, elbow grease and Unix servers... the guts all neatly hidden from sight thanks to hyperlinks.

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