Winnipeg Folk Music Festival 2000 - my pictures and writeup

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    Even the enlarged pics are very scaled down (originals are truly *huge*, at 2048x1536) from an Olympus 3030 digital camera. If you want a full-size pic for your desktop, just email me the picture# and I'll send it to you.
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    Here's a great example of what 2048x1536 looks like. It's David Nields standing in a pool of mud, right in the middle of the audience, while the rest of the Nields were on the main stage. Just like "where's waldo?" can you find him?

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P7080189 P7090243 Page 2 is certainly not to be confused with, or followed by, the infamous Page 3 from the UK. You know, that page that likely inspired all those awful "Sunshine Girls" that you used to see in the newspaper, the ones that guys in welding shops everywhere would pin up onto their wall and then points their fingers at (along with the ocassional lewd comment). This is not page 3, it is in fact page two, and there are no sexy women here who are scantily clad -- or, gasp! -- completely naked! Imagine that, at a folk festival - yet another reason to go! hehe But, I must admit that there were a number of really cool hippy dresses that were stunningly appealing, though I didn't get a picture of very many at all. I am shy. Camera shy, some people might say, but shy in *taking* the pictures instead of being in them. It's an interesting thing to think about where your at a festival of 34,000 people and you're all alone, and you wonder if you need to ask someone if you can take their picture...

But back to the music. Here are the Nields and Dar Willaims and Mae Moore, each playing a piece on the workshop stages. You can see three of the five Nields, with two of the three Dave's sort of missing near the back of the stage (there's Dave Chalfant on bass and Dave Hower on drums). P7080214 P7080216-cr P7080200

There's also a good close-up of Dar Williams and Mae Moore, also performing during one of the workshops. What are these workshops, exactly? Well, I'd like to describe them as the "essence of the folk festival," meaning the time and place where the whole reason for you being there becomes clear. It's a time when there are typically three or four artists on stage, each taking their turn to play you one of their songs. And then they start all over again. When the hour is just about up, often if there's only a few minutes left they'll all decide on a song to jam to and will just go wild on it togther. P7090249 P7090247-cr P7080220-cr And the resulting sounds are often total musical bliss. I'm glad I was able to catch at least a few of these pics, though admittedly they were mostly of my fave bands playing together. But you get the idea. I have some really good pictures of Martin Sexton, too, during all the workshops that he was playing at as well as on the main stage on Saturday night. He should have been the headliner, I tell you. Here are a few more pics of him...

And of course, a picture page just wouldn't be complete without some more pics of the Nields, my favorite-est-est band ever. These ones were taken from some of the workshops, the giant main stage, and (almost) of them just walking around. I didn't want to be a stalker, you know. But I did manage to get them to autograph a CD or two. :)

P7090254 P7090246 P7080213

I must admit that my night shots did not work so well, and thus I do not have many pics of the main stage acts that went on later in the evening. Bummer. I think it's fair to say that I would have needed a tripod to keep the shutter open that long, and with me carrying only a backpack to hold my tent, sleeping bag, clothing, rain gear, etc., I just didn't have the room.

Okay. So it appears that I am running out of space again. Running out of space, how is that possible on a web page? Well, it's a subjective thing really, the point at which the author decides that he has cluttered the page sufficiently enough to need to move on... to page 3!

Copyright 2000, Kelly Martin. All Rights Reserved. Like I have a whole pile of rights to reserve or something. hehe What does all this mean? That you can't copy my pictures? No. It just means you have to ask me first. :)